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At Apple Neuro and Spine, we provide comprehensive exams and healing to the people of our community. Whether you've been injured in a car accident, have a personal injury or simply want to feel your best, our physicians can help you.

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  • Neurology. We treat disorders of the nervous system, headaches, chronic pain and brain injuries using conventional medical methods and natural, non-invasive therapies.
  • Pain management. We teach our patients to manage their pain naturally with interventional pain management and medication management services and drug-free conservative therapeutic alternatives. Our pain management services are healthy and require no recovery time, so you can keep working and performing normal daily activities as you heal.
  • Diagnostic services. We use MRI and digital X-ray services to diagnose injuries and disorders of the nervous system.
  • Physical therapy. We teach patients to perform stretches and engage in activities that strengthen the muscles, improve range of motion and promote healing.
  • Spinal adjustment. Spinal adjustment is the process of realigning the vertebrae of the spine. Spinal adjustments promote good communication between the brain and the rest of the body, which can help prevent development of diseases, chronic conditions and illnesses.
  • Acupuncture. Our acupuncture services help reduce pain by stimulating the pressure points in the body.
  • Massage therapy. Massage therapy helps release tension in the muscles, promotes good blood flow, and relieves tension for the patient. Massage therapy can also help speed the healing process by encouraging the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to injured parts of the body.
  • Postural screening. Our postural assessment services helps us diagnose conditions that cause back pain and injury. Once a patient has been diagnosed, we can develop a wellness plan that can lead to good health overall. We administer postural screenings for people of the community at malls, fairs and public events. We encourage you to call us and find out when we're offering our next screening today.
  • Lifestyle adjustment. Our lifestyle adjustment services helps our patients to determine which behaviors are unhealthy and what they can do to make positive changes in their lives. By helping our patients to make healthier choices, we help people improve their overall health and resistance to illnesses.
  • Auto injury treatment. We use the above methods to treat auto injuries like whiplash.
  • Personal injury treatment. Whether you've strained a muscle, suffered a concussion or torn a ligament, we can help you recover from your recent personal injury.

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For safe, skilled care in Bunnell, FL, contact Apple Neuro and Spine. Call us at 386-313-2599 and our helpful staff will answer any questions and get you in at the next available appointment.