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Physical Rehabilitation in Palm Coast, Florida

Apple Neuro and Spine is your leading provider of rehabilitation in Palm Coast FL. By providing our patients with a multitude of rehabilitation techniques we encourage health and wellness. For instance, we treat individuals who are seeking rehabilitation for auto injuries, back pain relief, sports injuries or other conditions. Learn more about rehabilitation from your favorite chiropractic provider in Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, and Bunnell, FL.If you are in need of rehabilitation through physical therapy or chiropractic treatments, call us today.

Seeking Rehabilitation at a Palm Coast FL Chiropractor

As part of your overall health and wellness we want to help you function in optimal condition. However, there are issues that hold us back, such as old sports injuries or a past car accident. These life changing events can create physical pain, strained muscles, and back problems with patients. Thankfully we are able to treat your ailments with rehabilitation offered at your Palm Coast FL chiropractor. Here at Apple Neuro and Spine our chiropractic professionals understand that not every patient is alike. That is why we follow a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

Rehab Services Available at Apple Neuro and Spine 

Rehabilitation services include a variety of procedures and techniques. At Apple Neuro and Spine in Palm Coast FL we offer physiotherapy as one method of rehabilitation. Physiotherapy involves a holistic approach that follows suit with our chiropractic services. Our physiotherapists use exercise, massage therapy, and personalized health advice to assist with your rehabilitation. Through this comprehensive method we are able to help you increase your mobility. We also teach you about how to use corrective exercises and at-home movements to continue the rehabilitation beyond the doors of Apple Neuro and Spine. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and tools that will allow you to improve your health and wellness in the long term. 

Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation

Often times we have patients who simply aren’t sure about how chiropractic care relates to rehabilitation. Here at Apple Neuro and Spine we have created an all-inclusive program that incorporates our chiropractic services with physical rehab. By focusing on the spine and realignment of the body internally we work to readjust your muscle tissue, organs, and vertebrae. This aids in the immediate relief of pain, as well as in the healing process thanks to a boost of the immune system.

Rehabilitation Techniques 

Our techniques, which include acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, and physiotherapy, create a holistic approach that works well for our patients. Also by using chiropractic care as part of a rehabilitation program this ensures that you are better physically prepared for future illness or injury. To find out more about what type of rehab services that we can use for your health and wellness, contact our office for information.

Finding Rehabilitation Services in Palm Coast FL

In order to get the rehabilitation that your body needs you need to visit your favorite chiropractor in Palm Coast FL. Give us a call today at Apple Neuro and Spine to schedule an appointment for rehabilitation services.