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Physical Therapy

Palm Coast, FL Physical Therapy

Finding a physical therapy provider in Palm Coast, Florida is a breeze with the services of Apple Neuro and Spine. We treat patients who are seeking professionally managed physical therapy for a variety of reasons. Our mission is to provide you with expert services that will improve your overall health and wellbeing, starting with your current physical therapy needs. Learn more about our physical therapy offerings prior to making a consultation appointment at Apple Neuro and Spine. Apple Neuro & Spine provides phyical therapy for Palm Coast Fl, Bunnell, and Daytona and provides pain prevention, preventative care, & specialized physical therapy for sports & injuries.Apple Neuro & Spine provides phyical therapy for Palm Coast Fl, Bunnell, and Daytona and provides pain prevention, preventative care, & specialized physical therapy for sports & injuries

Physical Therapy Services in Palm Coast, Florida

We offer a variety of physical therapy services here in Palm Coast for your convenience. Our physical therapists are trained to help you improve muscle function by relaxing strained or tight muscle groups. They can also help you improve your mobility through consistent corrective exercises. One reason that our patients come to Apple Neuro and Spine for physical therapy is to reduce their physical pain. Through a series of medical techniques we can relieve pain, while also increasing your circulation. Increased circulation aids in healing, allowing you to bounce back to your normal self sooner following physical therapy.

Specialized Physical Therapy for Pain and Dysfunction

Individuals who are suffering from pain and dysfunction in their musculoskeletal system can benefit from the physical therapy services we offer here at Apple Neuro and Spine. We use extremity and spinal manipulation in conjunction with corrective exercise and manual manipulation. Through this holistic approach we are able to treat pain and improve mobility in these systems. 

Palm Coast Physical Therapy Provider at Apple Neuro and Spine

Here at Apple Neuro and Spine it is our goal to provide you with a physical therapy provider who can get you moving again. We are able to treat your physical pain and mobility issues through all-natural methods. This means you will not be given painkiller medications in order to mask your pain. We also help you to avoid subsequent surgery as a solution to your mobility issues. By opting for medically supervised physical therapy services we help you heal your body the natural way.

Physical Therapy for Pain Prevention 

Our physical therapists work with a variety of patients on a regular basis to help treat current issues, as well as to help them prevent future injuries or pain. By getting to the core of the problem via physical therapy in Palm Coast, Florida you are able to remedy the source of the condition. This can help you avoid complications or flare-ups in the future.

Consulting With a Palm Coast Physical Therapist

If you are ready to speak with a Palm Coast physical therapist about your physical therapy needs, we are here to help. Contact the office of Apple Neuro and Spine today to schedule a consultation with one of our professional physical therapists. We look forward to working with you to improve your mobility and reduce your pain.