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Personal Injury

Personal Injury in Bunnell, Palm Coast and Daytona Beach FLApple Neuro & Spine neurologist, chiropractor & imaging center meet all medical needs in one location when suffering car accident injuries in Bunnell, FL

Personal injuries like auto accidents, slips, trips and falls can lead to devastating problems like whiplash, sciatica, bulging discs, bone fractures and more. At Apple Neuro & Spine, we help patients recover from their personal injuries, chronic conditions and related medical problems. We seek to educate our patients about the symptoms of personal injury and what you can do to heal from these injuries. Having this information can help you seek the treatment you need to recover in one of our Orange City Fl, Lake Mary Fl, or Bunnell Fl locations.Apple Neuro & Spine serves clients Personal Injury needs with or without a personal injury attorney or lawyer for injury sustained in an auto accident or auto injury in Bunnell or Palm Coast Fl..

Symptoms of Personal Injury

Personal injury can lead to a variety of symptoms for patients, however, some of the most common symptoms of personal injury include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Stiff / sore muscles
  • Limited mobility
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Tingling or numbness

Some types of injuries (like whiplash) can be difficult to identify and can also take days or weeks to manifest. Many patients can live with whiplash for a long time before realizing that they've been injured. Pain is usually the last symptom to manifest itself when there is an underlying problem.  We have had so many patients come into our doors after major car accidents who think they are fine because they do not have any pain at that point in time.  When imaging is performed, sometimes these patients have fractures or a broken neck or a broken back!  In these situations, if the patient were to move in the wrong direction with that type of injury, they could be paralyzed!  Here at Apple Neuro & Spine, we have a very conservative approach in the beginning of your treatment after trauma to make sure that you have not sustained a serious underlying condition.  This is one of the most difficult concepts for patients and non-physicians to understand if they have never suffered from an injury and do not understand the pathology of injury itself. 

How Apple Neuro & Spine Can Help

At Apple Neuro & Spine, we help patients recover from their personal injuries in a variety of ways. The type of treatment our patients receive depends upon the severity and type of injury they've sustained. Some of the most common methods we use to help patients recover from personal injuries include:

  • Neurology. Our neurology services help patients suffering from pain, numbness, and brain injuries. We have specialists who can diagnose and treat brain injuries who have worked in emergency rooms for over twenty years.
  • Spinal adjustment. Spinal adjustment is a gentle technique (via activator) used to help reduce muscle tone and increase mobility.
  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient method of treating injuries by stimulating pressure points in the body.
  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy helps patients by teaching them how to perform stretches and exercises that can restore functionality and strength to the muscles.
  • Massage therapy. Our massage therapy services helps patients to restore mobility and reduce muscle stiffness.
  • Neurology. Our neurology services help patients suffering from brain injuries. We have specialists who can diagnose and treat brain injuries.

Why It's Important to Get Treatment

Personal injuries can be hard for many patients to identify. Many people go for days or weeks without seeking medical care because they fail to recognize the symptoms of injury. Seeking professional treatment quickly after an accident, even if you don't think that you've been injured, can lead to a fast diagnosis and quick recovery. There is a small window to heal after an accident.  If one delays treatment, one may jeopardize restoring their bodies to its best function possible.

For patients who plan to seek compensation for their injuries, either from an insurance company or from an individual, seeking treatment right away can help you connect your injuries to the incident.  We will treat anyone who has been involved in an auto accident whether it was their fault or not.  We will also treat any patient whether they retain a personal injury attorney/ lawyer or not. Call our staff at anytime so that your benefits and rights can be explained.

Contact Apple Neuro & Spine

To find out more about how Apple Neuro & Spine can help you recover from your personal injury, contact us today at 386-313-2599. On your first visit our medical doctors and chiropractors will diagnose your condition and discuss the best method of treatment. For personal injury care in Bunnell, Palm Coast, and Daytona Beach FL, Apple Neuro & Spine can help.