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Neurology Services for Palm Coast, Bunnell and Daytona Beach FL Apple Neuro & Spine provides neurological diagnostic and treatment services for our Palm Coast, Bunnell and Daytona Beach FL patients

Many of the same injuries, illnesses and functional problems that create musculoskeletal problems can also have a direct impact on the function of the brain, the spinal cord and the rest of the nervous system. It's only natural, then, that a truly comprehensive health, wellness and rehabilitation clinic should feature both chiropractic care and neurology. That's why we provide neurological diagnostic and treatment services for our Palm Coast, Bunnell and Daytona Beach FL patients here at Apple Neuro & Spine. Our neurologist works closely with our chiropractor as part of a uniquely skilled and capable team dedicated to relieving your symptoms and improving your musculoskeletal and neurological function.Apple Neuro & Spine provides neurology and diagnostic neurology services in Palm Coast Fl, Bunnell & Daytona Fl. Our Neurologist treats neurological disorders in all office locations.

The Nervous System and Your Health

Your body could be said to have several nervous systems. The central nervous system relays information between the brain and and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system includes nerve branches that serve the extremities and skin. The cranial nervous system includes the nerves that relay sensation and motor control to the head and face. The autonomic nerve system controls unconscious tasks such as metabolic and internal organ function.

Different kinds of problems can affect different aspects of neurological health. A spinal misalignment that pinches nerves, for instance, may impair motor control in your foot while also causing pain in your leg. But the same kind of nerve impingement can also affect the efficiency of your autonomic functions, impairing your disease resistance, digestive function, fertility, metabolism and countless other aspects of your health and wellness. This is why neurology can play such a vital role in your treatment for musculoskeletal imbalance or damage.

Neurology's Role in Helping You Heal

A neurologist is a medical practitioner who has developed specialized skills in recognizing and dealing with afflictions of the brain, spine and nervous system. They regularly treat issues such as stroke, headaches, migraines, movement disorders, seizures, sensory and language impairment, and neuropathy (nerve pain and other nerve symptoms). Neurologists are qualified to prescribe both standard medical treatment and non-invasive techniques for these and other conditions.

Our neurologist will consult on your case, taking careful note of neurological symptoms such as tingling, pain, loss of sensation or loss of motor control. Diagnostic techniques such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging, x-rays and CAT scans can help our neurologist spot nerve tissue damage or other abnormalities associated with your symptoms. You may then receive any of a variety of non-surgical treatment methods to correct the underlying cause of your neurological issues, including:

  • Medical treatment
  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Corrective exercises
  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Postural and lifestyle advice

Get Help in Palm Coast, Bunnell and Daytona Beach Neurologist.

If your condition requires surgery, our neurologist, Dr. Trapani M.D., will refer you to a qualified neurosurgeon for further care or other specialist as required. The important thing is that you get your condition is properly diagnosed and treated so you can once again enjoy a good quality of life in Palm Coast, Bunnell or Daytona Beach. Call 386-313-2599 today for an appointment!