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Back Pain

Treating Back Pain in Palm Coast, Florida

Do you suffer from back pain but wish you could find a safe and effective solution for pain relief? Here in Palm Coast, Florida we offer comprehensive back pain relief for our patients at Apple Neuro and Spine. Following a holistic approach to back pain we utilize chiropractic work along with a variety of other procedures. As determined by your individualized back pain we can use physical therapy, acupuncture, and several other treatment programs to help you find relief. This holistic approach allows us to provide more efficient solutions for an individual’s back pain. Discover the benefits of using Apple Neuro and Spine in Palm Coast, Florida as your go-to back pain relief provider. If you are experiencing back pain due to pain or injury, call us today!

Safe and Effective Back Pain Relief

When it comes to back pain you want relief fast, but it has to be safe. That is why we offer an array of techniques to get you back to your normal mobility. We avoid using prescribed narcotics or back surgery as the solution for back pain problems. Instead our chiropractic professionals take a personalized approach to your treatment. After going through a detailed medical history and physical exam our chiropractors in Palm Coast, Florida are able to prescribe a treatment plan that best suits your health and wellness. 

Services Offered at Apple Neuro and Spine 

The main way that we treat back pain involves chiropractic work. Using chiropractic care in the from of a spinal realignment we can readjust an out of balanced spinal column. This is an ideal treatment for someone with pain related to uneven muscle groups and tissues. More specifically chiropractic work treats individuals suffering from a bulging or herniated disc in the vertebrae of the spine. We also treat back pain that is related to sciatic nerve pain, which is also known as sciatica. As these are the most common conditions causing back pain, chiropractic care is well suited for this type of pain relief.

However, not everyone is able to relieve back pain using chiropractic care. As a result we offer a variety of services that are safe and effective for treating back pain. These include acupuncture, which is a beneficial way of reducing muscle spasms and boosting one’s immune system to better handle the pain. Another popular service we offer for back pain relief is massage therapy. Unlike getting a massage at a day spa, we offer massage therapy via our chiropractic program. Our chiropractic doctors determine the best use of massage therapy techniques for your back pain. Massage therapy is conducted over a series of prescribed visits in order to get the most benefit from this service. We also offer physical therapy and rehabilitation for individuals who are working to increase their mobility following a period of back pain.

Back Pain Solutions in Palm Coast, Florida

We are excited that you are considering Apple Neuro and Spine as your provider of back pain relief. Contact your chiropractor in Palm Coast to schedule an appointment today to stop your back pain problem.